Copywriting and Content Development

You get what you pay for. Copywriters and agencies claiming they understand the industry and the distinct communications needs and styles for white papers, fact sheets, fund brochures, opinion articles, investor letters, quarterly market commentary, corporate announcements and institutional-quality market and manager research are a dime a dozen. We work closely with clients to share information and bring good ideas to the table proactively. We get what we need, find what we don’t have and then go away to create and deliver quality, consistently.

If you’ve found editing and explaining to your agency more trouble than it’s worth, we should talk.

Media Relations

Know your role. Learn from the mistakes of others and think one step ahead. Be magnanimous yet opportunistic. You can never read enough. These adages inform our approach to media, harnessing your strengths, perspectives and the truth to enhance and, sometimes, protect your image.

Branding & Messaging

Keramas is not a full service agency, but with a wealth of experience – both at premier agencies and inhouse – working on numerous launches, rebrands, growth campaigns and refashioning the occasional failure throughout the Financial Crisis, we know a thing or two about branding work. We can help get your messaging right and artfully convey why you're different to your audience and influencers.

Strategic Intelligence

Intelligence is the bedrock of Keramas. Knowing what your competitors are and aren’t doing, paying attention to inflows and outflows, and understanding the influencing factors driving market preferences and investor tastes is crucial for your organization's success. We structure intelligence products to keep your business apprised, ready to act and above the race to the middle.

Social Media

Yeah, we can do that too. Seriously.