Investment management is a dynamic, rapidly evolving space. The opportunity set available to firms is increasing. As global wealth and economic activity grow – and more markets, strategies and technologies become viable – new doors are opening in the industry.

At the same time, challenges are presented by intense competition from a growing universe of providers and products, lower barriers to entry, changing regulations and a more informed client base with evolving marketing tastes.

  • In an industry where firms struggle to escape sameness, how will your organization find a voice and solidify a brand to stand out?


  • What is the appropriate way and mix of media (earned, owned and bought) to communicate in the digital age?


  •  In times where the free flow of information can break carefully constructed reputations overnight, and conversely where obscure firms can grow AUM rapidly marketing a nouveau strategy, what is your marketing roadmap?

 Having a marketing and communications consultant that understands the nature of the industry, the current opportunity set and the challenges, threats and range of outcomes is crucial to success.